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Welcome to the Pennan Inn

BnB & Gallery

Art, Drinks and Rooms by the Sea





Bye Bye Pennan Inn BnB&Gallery

It is with a heavy heart that we're bidding farewell to our beloved Pennan Inn BnB & Gallery.

Bookings are still available until March 17th - This might be your last shot at catching the Northern Lights in person!


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Welcome to the Pennan Inn BnB & Gallery!

You might feel like you were thrown into the setting of a Scottish movie when you make your way to Pennan. Small narrow streets meander through a picturesque landscape that couldn't be more beautiful. Rugged and steeply sloping coastlines are shaped by the wild and stormy sea. There's a new adventure seemingly waiting around every corner! Pennan is located between Fraserburgh and Banff, and there is nothing but sea and nature over here! Time seems to stand still. Some small houses nestle against the massive rock wall and seem to defy wind and weather.

Pennan was the filming location for Local Hero during the 1980s, and it still has a large following - even to this day. Loads of fans and enthusiasts travel to Pennan to see the original locations up close and sleep like a Local Hero in our BnB.

With the North Sea right at our doorstep, we offer the perfect environment to relax and listen to the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore.

We‘ve got a grand total of 3 rooms - two with a direct and indescribable sea view. All rooms are furnished with attention to detail as well and each room has its own separate bathroom.

Each room includes a flat-screen TV with an Amazon Fire TV stick (in case there's interference caused by bad weather). From free toiletries to a hairdryer or the coffee/tea station, everything is at your disposal. You're guaranteed to wake up to a view that you will never forget.


You're free to enjoy a sip of wine or a pint of beer in our cozy pub during the evening hours. We would like to point out that we do not operate a restaurant!

Have you ever seen the aurora?

Northern lights cast a spell on everyone! As a magical addition to your visit, we offer enchanting nocturnal Aurora tours*, available from August to April. Join us on a captivating quest to chase the elusive Northern Lights, guided by our exclusive in-house Aurora Explorer alarm – a rarity that can only be found at The Pennan Inn BnB&Gallery in the entire UK!

Allow yourself to be enchanted by Pennan!

We look forward to welcoming you to our BnB.

Best Regards,
Monika, Roland and Dominik Focht

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Family Focht, roland , monika und dominik focht

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Between the months of August and April, you're guaranteed to go Aurora hunting with us if you're staying with us for at least two nights.

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