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Aurora Nights in Pennan

Join us and become an Aurora Watcher and experience the Northern Lights in Scotland!
Pennan is a tiny seaside village located by a stunning backdrop of Aberdeenshire cliffs. When the days get shorter and the nights get darker - that's when the magic happens. Millions of lights seem to dance across the sky and the stars illuminate the night sky in colors you have never seen before! A shooting star passing by; A wish - a dream - a thought.
In Pennan, light and darkness seem to merge. Once you become one with nature, you pick up on all sorts of noises and you become a lot more attentive to your surroundings. Then suddenly: There you are. The sky is set ablaze with all sorts of colors and feels like a literal explosion. Unnatural, breathtaking, magical, surreal and simply beautiful - The Northern Lights have returned and cast a spell on everyone watching them! Dreams come true, and it's truly an indescribable feeling to witness this spectacle. The sky seems to open up for a moment and allows us to take a look behind the scenes. Remarkable to say the least.
This is my best attempt at describing the feeling when you experience the Northern Lights. Have you ever seen something so beautiful it made you want to cry? Because that's how I would sum it up in one sentence. Naturally, everyone reacts differently - embrace it and enjoy the being in the moment! I want to make these types of exepriences accessible to our guests. It has been a luxury to experience this practically right from your doorstep, and I would be more than happy to give back to everyone longing for these types of views! Being able to capture these moments of raw and unfiltered emotions is what its all about to me. While you're busy taking a gander, I will be in the background taking pictures to make sure you have something to commemorate this special event. Remembering that special feeling and sensation... the moment you saw the Aurora in Pennan!

Our Northern Lights Tours at A Glance

The best thing about all this? The Northern Lights are visible from practically right our doorstep! You won't have to travel anywhere in order to see them.
If you're truly committed, we supply you with our unique Aurora Explorer Alarm* that will alert you when the peak times for spotting the Northern Lights have arrived! Do note that this could very well be in the middle of the night as well; however, all of this is voluntary, and disrupting your own sleep is not mandatory at all. I'll make sure to accompany you during the Northern Lights Tour and I can personally vouch that it's going to be an unforgettable experience.
Are you perhaps interested in learning more about night photography? No sweat at all - I'd be more than happy to offer it as a service to everyone that's wi
lling to book it on-site for a one-on-one photo course!

We look forward to welcoming you to Pennan under the magical light show of the Aurora Borealis.

- Monika Focht

* Your personal Aurora Explorer Alarm incl. one Picture from you in front of the Northern Lights is 39 Pounds  - You'll keep your personal Alarm throughout the entirety of your stay regardless of how long it'll be.


Please note that the this offer will be available on an annual basis between the months of August and April.

We recommend that you stay with us for at least two nights to make the most of your experience with us!

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Use Code "AURORA" during Checkout when booking your stay for extra benefits!

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